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2015 Formula 1

Gran Premio de Abu Dabi

In our store you will find models of the most popular brands of collectors of scale model cars: Models BBR, CMC, Exoto, GMP, Kyosho, MR Collection Models ...

Corporate Information

  • MITO ROJO opens for business after more than two decades of collecting replicas of Ferrari models in the most common scales: 1 / 43, 1 / 18, 1 / 12 ... We intend to keep (gather) in our catalog today's most valued brands of static modelling to satisfy an increasingly demanding audience in the world of collecting.
  • We have years of experience behind us. We turned our hobby into business and, as we continue enjoying it greatly, we want to offer fans and collectors around the world the best faithful reproductions of one of the most successful brands in motor sports history.
  • In our store you will find models of the most popular brands of collectors scale model cars: BBR Models, CMC, Exoto, GMP, Kyosho, MR Collection Models... You will enjoy their outstanding quality and details. You can also find, on a smaller scale and without losing a bit of realism, other outstanding manufacturers such as: Art Model, Bang, Best Model or even Brumm models and their always original dioramas.
  • Further more: the fantastic figures of Enduring Images of the best drivers of the history of F1, hand painted and assembled. And, of course, all the clothes and complements of the official Ferrari brand: T-shirts, backpacks, key holders and Memorabilia. All this stuff will bring you close to the world of motor competition and, no doubt, will show you another way of understanding this astonishing world. Things will never be the same!..
  • You will find us near the center of Valencia (Spain), in Maestro Guerrero street, #4. Our time table is from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 16:30 to 20:30. And 24 hours in our online store, made with the latest design technologies and a flexible and intuitive search engine. It will help you having fun while browsing through the world of MITO ROJO.